Advanced Experimentation Analysis and Applied Neuromarketing Review

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Advanced Experimentation Analysis

Metric Hierarchy

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7 Principles on how to control attention

  1. Contrast (tells us what is important and what is not)
  2. Space
  3. People / Faces
  4. Movement
  5. Breaking Rules
  6. Directional Cues
  7. Person’s Name/ Their Own Face
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Measure emotional perception

  1. EEG solutions
  • Con: Can’t measure was going on deeper in the 🧠 brain
  • Pro: you can measure cognitive load which means the absence of emotional activity.
  • Detect micro-movements of the face that express emotions
  • Con: A lot of disturbing factors that don’t make this particular test completely valid
  • Problem is that you know people are emotionally activated. You don’t know a lot about the valence, which means is it positive or negative the emotion that you measure here?
  • Con: valance is missing frequency is low

Three KPI‘s to measure

  1. Agility: the number of experiments per year (n)

What we want:

“Prioritize high impact over low effort!” — André Morys

My thoughts

Me trying to learn p-values, z-scores, and statistics | Image: GIPHY
Image: GIPHY
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Ashley Neal

Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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