Building Your Optimization Technology Stack and CRO Agency Masterclass Review

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Building Your Optimization Technology Stack

  • Design
  • UX
  • Inbound marketing
  • Product development teams
  • IT teams

Failing to account for the resources and time necessary for adopting the new tool

Accompany executives to technology salesman

Beware of overlapping products across the organization

Focus on the users who will make the most of the tool

Clearly define your needs to avoid falling for sales pitches

CRO Agency Masterclass Review

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  • You’re in the margin business, not the volume business.
  • Low pricing works when getting started, but it’s not sustainable
  • Calculate your cost
  • Add margin
  • Audits, research
  • Website review/1 hour consultation
  • Redesigns
  • GA/GTM implementation

Tips for Closing the Sale

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  • Ask ask ask
  • Diagnose the pain, understand goals. Get confirmation.
  • Who else are we up against? Try to find out who your competition is…
  • Highlight your deep expertise
  • Detail your process
  • Mention case studies, share results
  • Uncover FUDs (Fears, Uncertainty, Doubt) Ask: when working with an agency what’s your biggest fear or uncertainties?)
  • Go for the close
  • Money is in the follow-ups (follow- up once a week until you get a yes or a no.)
The art of the sale is in your follow-up game! Image: GIPHY

My Thoughts

Hard work pays off! It’s official I’m in the top 1% of CROs! — Ashley Neal
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  12. Building Your Optimization Technology Stack and CRO Agency Masterclass Review




Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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Ashley Neal

Ashley Neal

Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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