Google Analytics for Beginners Review

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Google Analytics for Beginners

  • Overview
  • Table report
  • Flow report
  • E-commerce funnel visualization report

Important features to know in Google Analytics:

  • Where do my website users enter the funnel? Are they beginning with the first step or are they entering the funnel somewhere in the middle?
  • Are there a lot of exits from the funnel before proceeding to the next step?
  • Is there anywhere in the funnel where the traffic loops back?
  • Is there a segment of your traffic that behaves differently from the rest? Do they convert more or less than the rest of your traffic?

Google Analytics admin

Reports in Google Analytics

  1. Master View
  2. Test View
  3. Raw Data View

z_Backup Data — DNU (Do Not Use)

My thoughts

Me running from Google Analytics | Image credit: Giphy
CXL Certificate of Achievement for Google Analytics Beginners 😁

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need Google Analytics?

Image credit: Giphy
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Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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Ashley Neal

Ashley Neal

Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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