Intro to Conversion Copywriting, Product Messaging, Psychology, and Social Proof Review

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Intro to Conversion Copywriting

The ‘secret sauce’ of an effective copywriting process in six steps:

  1. Research: customer, product, and competition.
  2. Outline and guideposts: homepage and product page
  3. Draft copy
  4. Conversion boost (optimize for clarity and information, add a persuasion technique)
  5. Revise, rearrange (get feedback from ideal customers before publishing)
  6. Test, Test, Test!

Value propositions

  • explains how your product/service improves their situation or solves customers’ problems (relevancy),
  • delivers specific benefits (quantified value),
  • tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you instead of from the competition (unique differentiation).
  • It is also very important to note that a value proposition is NOT a catchphrase, slogan, or positioning statement.


  • Provides clarity, direction, and instruction
  • Provides confirmation and reassurance for user expectations and decisions
  • Keeps promises

Product Messaging

The response we seek from our customers every time! | Image credit: GIPHY

Two Effective ways to collect data for product messaging

  • What do your customers want?
  • What your product is/does?
  • What’s unique about your product?

Message Hierarchy

  • Desired outcomes
  • UVP pain points/problem
  • Purchase prompts
  • Unique benefits and advantages
  • Delightful product features
  • Deal breaker needs/requirements
  • Uncertainties
  • Objections
  • Perceived risks
  • Call to Action
  • Deliver the big payoff
  1. Position: We typically read in a pattern that resembles the shape of the letter ‘F’. We tend to look at the upper left-hand corner of the page first.
  2. Size: According to Fitt’s Law, the bigger/closer an object is the more noticeable it is.
  3. Order: Copy and visual elements need to be aligned so that the page can make sense to the customer
  4. Space/Noise: Reduce the clutter around your copy so that the customer can focus on your offer or CTA
  5. Topography: readable copy is essential to make sure the font is not too fancy and break down any “wall of text” into smaller chunks that are easier to read.
  6. Directional Cues: Incorporate directional cues (Eyes, fingers, arrows, etc.) to get customers to move forward
  7. Contrast: The colors we choose tell our visitors what to focus on. It is important to get this element right because it impacts our ability to read the text.

People and Psychology

Photo credit: Giphy
  1. Reciprocity: Give away new free stuff (cheat sheets, guides, tools, etc.)
  2. Commitment/Consistency: Get people to commit with baby steps first (name and email address) to build up momentum to the bigger steps (address and payment).
  3. Social Proof: What does everyone else say about your product? Do they love it or hate it?
  4. Authority: People love authority figures use them to promote your brand
  5. Liking: How likable is your brand with your target audience?
  6. Scarcity: The perception that there is a limited time or quantity to purchase something
  7. Unity: What shared identity do you have with your customers?

Social Proof

My Thoughts

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