Neuromarketing, Emotional Content Strategy, Influence, and Interactive Design Review

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Intro to Neuromarketing

  • fMRI machine — 3D images of the brain in real-time as people view content
  • EEG: Multiple sensors placed on key brain regions to measure emotional motivation, memory activation, and attention processing
  • Core Biometrics: Measuring heart rate changes capturing the emotional journey
  • Facial Coding: Facially expressed emotions shown discreetly, such as surprise and confusion, happiness and sadness
  • Eyetracking: Determine the level of visual focus on content, including specific areas that attract the most and least attention
  • Self-report: What consumers say, think, do, or plan to do
  • Never believe A/B test case studies — they do not show the whole picture and are not always trustworthy.
  • Something that you can’t see can’t change the behavior of your users. Test the things that have the power to radically change user behavior.
  • Statistical significance is not validity — Be sure you have a large enough sample size and a long enough test duration.
  • Your website is a salesperson, understand the cognitive biases that you can use
  • Growth System = Goals + Ability + Culture
  • Reducing friction
  • Increasing non-conscious motivation
  • Creating triggers (or nudges)
  1. Conscious
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Gifts
  • Discounts
  • Specifications
  • Prices
  • Emotions
  • Psychology
  • Prices

Developing & Testing an Emotional Content Strategy

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  1. Message
  2. Colors
  3. Images
  4. Emotional triggers
Photo credit: Giphy
  • Emotions
  • Elements
  • Words
  • Visuals
  • Colors

Influence and Interactive Design

Photo credit: Giphy
  1. Concentrating (aware)
  2. Learning (informed)
  3. Desiring (motivated)
  4. Deciding (intent)
  5. Trusting (confident)
  6. Acting (short term)
  7. Maintaining (long term)
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Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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