Heuristics Analysis Frameworks for CO Audits, Google Analytics Audits, How to Run Tests Review

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Heuristic Analysis frameworks for Conversion Optimization Audits

  • A method that focuses on user behavior to facilitate the expert evaluation
  • High validity of insights
  • Answers on “Why are our users, not clicking/buying?”
  • Focus on the user's reality
  • Conscious level
  • Subconscious level (cognitive Biases)
  • Low effort/high agility
  1. Relevant (Is this the right page for me/my problem?)
  2. Trust (Can I trust this company/vendor?)
  3. Orientation (Where do I have to click/how do I find the right product?)
  4. Stimulance (Where should I buy/click here?)
  5. Security (Is it safe to do that here?)
  6. Convenience (How easy will everything be?)
  7. Confirmation (Did I do the right thing?)

Google Analytics Audits

Me running Google Analytics audits | Image credit: Giphy
  1. Custom Dimensions
  • Client ID
  • Session ID
  • Hit timestamp
  • Hit type
  • For referrer
  • GTM Container and Version ID
  • Outbound links
  • PDF Downloads (or other downloadable files)
  • Event Category
  • Event Action
  • Event Label

How to Run Tests

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How to formulate a hypothesis in 3 steps:

  1. Because we saw (data/feedback).
  2. We expect that (change) will cause (impact).
  3. We’ll measure this using (metric).

Forming a Good Hypothesis: Advanced

  1. Because we saw (qualitative + quantitative data).
  2. We expect that (change) for (population) will cause (impacts).
  3. We expect to see (metrics change) over a period of (x business cycles).

Buyer Personas

  1. Intent (motivation, goals)
  2. Concerns and fears (friction)
  3. Mode of Persuasion

My Thoughts

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My dancing after I complete another CXL Institute course | Image credit: GIPHY
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Ashley Neal

Queen👑of CRO💖 Conversion Rate Optimization Let's make even more money!

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